Budget Proposal

Budget Proposal – Original Document

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2 Responses to Budget Proposal

  1. colemanlsw says:

    Looks like when I uploaded to Scribd, the excel portion of the proposal became unaligned. I will link to the original document as well in case you would like to view it.

  2. I really like the idea of your rolling divider. Very cool and very practical. I also like your choice of the RCA Digital Camcorder because you are not investing so much in the cameras that are going to be used by students. Many projects that I’ve looked at have too expensive cameras which puts too much pressure on getting things replaced. I had no idea that Wal Mart had such cheap microphones. Good catch.

    Yeow! Chairs are $75 each?

    In year two you mention adding e-readers but not increasing the budget to purchase books for the readers? Will this come out of the regular budget?

    Yours is an interesting project because you already live in a learning commons atmosphere. However, there is ALWAYS more to be done as you have demonstrated.

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